There are no birds today–
clouds wither slowly along the horizon,
and in the distance–the delicate sound of thunder.
Might it simply be the wings of angels having stole you away,
or the torment that tears tenderly at my heart
knowing that the world is too big
Without you

Charles Coakley Simpson

2 responses

  1. Might not she be in the snow flakes gently caressing your skin, might not she be in the whispering of a breeze Might she not be within the rainbow after the storm…. And she is but a whisper of a thought away I hope you do not mind me sharing a poem I wrote during my own grieving…

    How can I smile now that you’re gone?
    Remembering your eyes, that twinkled and shone.
    The way that your laugh would echo around.
    Never again will I here that familiar sound.

    Those habits that annoyed me, I already miss.
    I would endure them forever, than go through this.
    A part of me died, when you went away.
    The Lord thought he’d take you, yet here I stay.

    I know that we are but one thought apart.
    But it still does not comfort my grieving heart.
    I close my eyes and pretend that your still here.
    Only to open them in a flood of tears.

    Time is a healer, I’m sure that must be so.
    Yet no one is prepared, when its time for them to go.
    Its only knowing that your there in a different existence.
    Bound by a love that will conquer all distance

    That keeps me strong for the path I must tread.
    Finding strength in memories of what you once said.
    “If ever we should find our selves lonely at heart,
    Remember we are only but a breath of a whisper apart.”

    With Regards Sue

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    December 7, 2012 at 3:17 pm

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    December 9, 2012 at 6:44 am

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