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Are you feelin’ dirty?








Never wait until tommorw.
When they are in your heart today.








You can’t stay mad forever.




There once was a mouse who lived in a house in the house therefore lived a cat,
and a woman who danced with the milkman by chance to put meat on the table stead o’scrap.

Now the mouse did he please to consort with the cheese from the cupboard far and bare,
and yet had he to be sly for the cat had his eye
may he not get from here to there.

The day the milkman cometh the cat came a runnin’ for some cream did he think to make haste, the mouse saw his chance and made for romance and skirted ‘cross floor without chase.

The woman weak in the knees started to scream as the mouse ran twixt her stockings,
and yet it wasn’t of fright but more of delight
for her house was a-rockin’.

As the cream rose to the top the mouse did stop
for the cat did wait with saucer,
thus he scurried up thigh putting a spark in her eye
that the woman in heat got hotter.

Now the cat he did dine on sweet cream of thine
and the milkman continued rounds stat,
and the woman did smile for it had been quite a while
since she had caught a mouse in her—

The Shape of My Heart





The Shape of My Heart

for Stephanie

Might that it is fashioned
by all the ones I have loved & lost

And yet, it will never be enough to hold all that I feel for you








          Picking a fight.
          With a ten-foot pole.

Anger Management








It’s better to be pissed off.
Than pissed on